Battlefield Destruction never approaches weapon in hand. It comes slyly, on tiptoe, making you see bad in good and good in bad.

The internationally renowned team of Peter Brook, Marie-Hélène Estienne and Jean-Claude Carrière together revisit the great Indian epic The Mahabharata 30 years after Brook’s legendary production took world theatre by storm.

The devastation of war is tearing the Bharata family apart. The new king must unravel a mystery: how can he live with himself in the face of the devastation and massacres that he has caused.

An immense canvas in miniature, this central section of the ancient text is timeless and contemporary, asking how we can find inner peace in a world riven with conflict.



World Tour 2016-17

New York (USA) - review
Athens (Greece)
Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)
Val-de-Reuil (France)
Lodz (Poland)
Wroclaw (Poland)
Tarbes (France)
Girona (Spain)
Radiant-Bellevue (France)
Villefranche (France)
Budapest (Hungary)
Clermont-Ferrand (France)
Colmar, Brive, Foix, Odyssud-Blagnac, Reims, NiceSt Étienne (France)
Montréal (Canada)
Washington DC, Chicago, Minneapolis, San FranciscoLA (USA)
Wiener (Austria)
Yekaterinburg, Moscow (Russia)




"Utterly magnetic Ery Nzaramba" ("The Stage" on Split/Mixed)
"A cast memorably rounded out by Ery Nzaramba" ("The New York Times" on Battlefield)
"An extraordinary one-man play" ("WordsWithJam" on Split/Mixed)
"Nzaramba’s execution is excellent" ("Glam Adelaide" on The suit)
"Utterly magnetic Ery Nzaramba" ("The Stage" on Split/Mixed)